A Blanc

Blancs are extremely weak enemies that appear in De Blob 2.

Blancs are brainwashed Raydians that follow the cult of Papa Blanc, one of the candidates in Prisma City's election. They wear white robes and are often seen holding black and white pinwheels that have a hypnotizing effect on those who stare at them. They have been made to believe that the world is a better place without color. Before a Raydian becomes a Blanc, he/she must undergo what is known as the "Blanc Baptism". A Blanc Baptism is when a Raydian is willing (or forced by being hypnotized by Blanc's Shepherds) to be fully bathed in a pool of ink long enough to become a mindless Blanc. When Papa Blanc wins the election, he reveals himself as Comrade Black and continues to brainwash Raydians and turning them into Blancs (though this isn't the case for everyone, since other Raydians are forced to become Graydians).

When Blob first meets the Blancs, they appear quite peaceful. They are can be seen painting buildings white or trying to get other Raydians to join the cult. However, later in the game, if Blob goes near them when he is colored, they will become violent and will attack. Blob can defeat them by stamping or slamming into them. They are extremely weak, as it only takes one paint point to defeat them. Once defeated, they will turn back into normal Raydians again.

At the end of the game, all of the remaining Blancs are changed back into normal Raydians again after coming into contact with the color energy.

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