Blanc Cola was a part of Comrade Black's plans to take over Prisma City in De Blob 2. It's basically a bad-tasting black soda that turns you gray if you drink it. To mass produce the bad drink, INKT took over Soda Falls and turned it into a Blanc Cola Cannery. The 7 Great Soda Towers that used to make the 7 color drinks were then only making the Blanc Cola. Fortunately, Blob restored the towers one by one and slowly put Comrade Black's Blanc Cola out of business. 

At the Soda Falls/Blanc Cola Cannery, Blanc Cola serves as a hazard to Blob. It has the same effects as ink and will ink Blob.

Trivia Edit

  • Blanc Cola is made from waxed tadpoles.
  • The 7 color drinks are as follows: Lemony Zest (yellow), Red Rhumba (red), Blue Ruin (blue), Lime Time (green), Orange Ale (orange), Grape Escape (purple), and Mucho Mocha (brown).
  • The name of the color drinks are known as Colour Soda.