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The wiki about the de Blob game series, originally released on the Nintendo Wii; but now you can play it on multiple platforms! The INKT Corporation has come to rid the colour from the universe … Time to start the Color Revolution!

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de Blob 2
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De Blob 2 serves as the sequel to de Blob and the continuation of de Blob 2 (DS). In this, the Colour Underground learns that their enemy, Comrade Black is still alive, somehow surviving the destruction of his spaceship during the ending of the first game. Blob and his partner, Pinky, are tasked with finding where Black had landed. Their investigation will lead them to Prisma City and the mysterious Cult of Blanc ... (Read More)

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de blob series
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de Blob is a small series of platform - puzzle games that follows the titular character Blob and his friends as they liberate places that have been occupied by the monochromatic INKT Corporation. They're tasked with bringing life back by painting buildings, transforming landmarks, rescuing Graydians and stomping Inkies.

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Standing over the docks, the Uplink Tower is the major landmark for this district. It's primary purpose is to send updates to Comrade Black... (read more)

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