Elite Inkies are special forms of Inkies. They can't be slammed by Blob unless he matches their color.


The first Elite Inky was created in the Docklands by INKT scientists. It was a red Elite Inky. During the test, they tried all the possible colors Blob could hit damage the Elite Inky with. They dropped heavy balls of color onto the Elite. He survived all of them but one color... red. The results showed that Elite Inkies can only be smashed with the same color as they are.


Elite Inkies are first seen in the Docklands in de Blob, protecting vulnerable landmarks. They move faster than regular Inkies, making their basic attack of hitting Blob with their ink batons more dangerous.

They are usaully seen in groups with syndication of multiple colors. They wear a colored helmet and the front of their body is also colored the same color as their helmet.

A yellow Elite Inky as seen in de Blob 2.

It costs 4 paint points to defeat each one. This look was also used in de Blob 2 (DS) (In this game Blob can simply stamp or slam into an Elite Inky, as long as he's the same color, without having to worry about paint points to defeat them).

In de Blob 2, the Elite Inkies return again but with a new appearence and are also a lot more dangerous. Only their helmet is colored. They wear a white jacket with pouches instead of their bodies being colored. The helmet also has three white ridges on top of it. The batons have been replaced with what look like ink pen tips attached to their arms. This gives them the ability to throw ink at Blob, similar to turrets or tanks, as well as perform a spin attack that takes away paint points if Blob is hit. Certain Elites can also change their color. It now costs 25 paint points to defeat each one instead of four.


Blob must be the same color as the Elite Inky to smash it.  If he is not, he will simply bounce off of the Elite.  

In de Blob, slamming Elite Inkies costs 4 paint points. You can generally find Elite Inkies in groups of the same color, so it is best to load up on that color before attacking a squad. If it's possible to find a Paint Tanker in the vincinity, it becomes much easier and less time-consume to defeat squads of Elite Inkies.

In de Blob 2, it costs 25 paint points to slam an Elite. Certain Elites can also change their color. Example: if Blob is yellow and attacks a yellow Elite and it changes its color to red before Blob can reach it, Blob won't be able to defeat it as he is no longer the same color as the Elite. However, color-shifting Inkies do change exclusively between either primary or secondary colors, without regards to whatever color Blob currently is. So if you are a primary or secondary color like a particular color-shifting Inky, wait a while and eventually the Inky will once again match your color. It's preferable to do this behind some sort of cover to avoid the Elite Inkies' ink grenades, though this is not always possible, especially in certain sections of Orbital Habitats.


I fear no Blob!


  • These are the only Inkies that have any sort of color on them (The others are just black).
  • In de Blob, in the comic strip before the Docklands level, one confused Inky asks if the Elite Inkies are on the same side as the other Inkies because of the color on their bodies.
  • Unlike de Blob, brown Elite Inkies are rare in de Blob 2. There are some only in the power station in the Inktron Collider.
  • There are also colourless elites in the Prison Zoo / Orbital Habitats.
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