Elite Inkies are a special type of Inky supersoldier infused with color. They can't be slammed by Blob unless he matches their color.


The first Elite Inky was created in the Docklands by INKT scientists by taking a normal Inky and injecting trace amounts of red paint into his body, causing him to transform. Afterwards, the scientists ran tests on the Elite Inky by dropping heavy paint balls onto him. He survived getting crushed by all of them...except the red one, which splatted him instantly. The scientists discovered that Elite Inkies can only be killed by things that are the same color as them, and they relayed their findings to Comrade Black who quickly integrated the Elite Inkies into his army.


Blob must be the same color as an Elite Inky to smash him. Otherwise, he will simply bounce off of the Elite.  

In de Blob, slamming Elite Inkies costs 4 paint points. You can generally find Elite Inkies in groups of the same color, so it is best to load up on that color before attacking a squad. If it's possible to find a Paint Tanker in the vicinity, it becomes much easier and less time-consume to defeat squads of Elite Inkies. Also note that Elite Inkies move faster than normal Inkies and can even do somersaults to try to catch up to Blob more quickly.

A yellow Elite Inky as seen in de Blob 2.

In de Blob 2, it costs 25 paint points to slam an Elite. They also have more abilities in this game. Rather than simply chase after Blob, Elite Inkies can hurl ink bombs at him from long distances. They can also perform spin attacks that take away paint points when Blob is hit by them. Some Elites can even change their color from time to time! This can be especially annoying when you are about to slam an Elite but he changes color just before Blob lands on him. Luckily, most color-shifting Elites only ever cycle between primary or secondary colors, making it somewhat easy to predict when an Elite is going to match Blob's color after shifting.

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  • Elite Inkies are the only type of Inky to have any color besides black on their bodies.
  • In de Blob, in the comic strip before the Docklands level, one confused Inky asks if the Elite Inkies are on the same side as the other Inkies because of the color on their bodies.
  • Unlike de Blob, brown Elite Inkies are rare in de Blob 2. They're only seen in the power station in the Inktron Collider. This may be because Elites are much more powerful in the latter game.
  • Colorless Elites can be seen in the Prison Zoo / Orbital Habitats.
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