The Giant Robot Inky is the final boss and the most powerful opponent in de Blob. It is piloted by Comrade Black and is also very similar in appearance to him.


Not much was known about this robot until the final part of the game. Comrade Black used this as a last resort to finally defeat Blob. Blob, however, manages to stop him anyway and finally restores full color to Raydia.


When the battle begins, the Robot Inky will send out Elite Inkies and will shoot three ink blasts before reloading. Several fuel rods will pop up which you must paint a specific color. When all of the platforms are colored, the Robot Inky will become stunned and reveal its weak point on its head. Blob must deposit 50 paint points of any color into the robot.  Each time you color the robot, painting the rods will get harder as they will start to require multiple different colors.  You have to do this 3 more times before the robot finally breaks down, revealing the final Transformation Engine. Slam it to complete the game.


  • Although the giant robot is supposed to look exactly like Comrade Black, it's not a complete copy, as the robot has shoulder platings and Comrade doesn't.
  • The Giant Robot Inky doesn't have a specific name; the Professor just calls it a Giant Robot Inky.
  • The boss's theme music is the same as one of Blob's moods.  It's called Victorious.
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