Heavy Inkies are a heavily armed type of Inky in Comrade Black's army. They are seen carrying large tanks filled with ink on their back, which is attached to a large gun that they carry in their arms. They attack by spraying ink from the gun. The appearance of the weapon is almost like a flamethrower. In de Blob 2, the Heavy Inky appears to be slightly bigger than in de Blob. They also wear white suits instead of basic Inky hats and belts.


In de Blob they take 10 paint points of any color to defeat. In de Blob 2, it takes 25. It is best to wait after it has sprayed the ink and is reloading the gun before attempting to attack it. Otherwise, Blob will more than likely get hit by the sprayed ink, thus poisoning Blob.

Also, note that in de Blob 2, they cannot be rolled into to be defeated, as doing so merely stuns them temporarily without any loss in their health. In this respect they act as a sort of counterpart to the Spikey Inky. Because the Spikey Inky will damage Blob if he jumps in their vincinity, Blob must usually focus on them first before dealing with any Heavy Inkies.