Inky Mortars are modified versions of the Inky Turret that make their debut in de Blob 2.  They are different from Inky Turrets in several ways. They require 50 paint points to slam.


After Papa Blanc (aka Comrade Black) made himself President of Prisma City, he used the Inky Mortars to destroy the city and to hinder Blob's progress. 


Inky Mortars are a variation of Inky Turrets that differ from in three different ways.  

1. Inky Mortars have unbelievable wide range, so they can fire at Blob from very far away, so the ink they shoot seems to be coming from the sky.

2. Instead of aiming at Blob, Inky Mortars fire randomly. Because of this, warning markers always appear on the ground to show you where the mortar is firing and where its next shot will land. If you see a warning marker under you, run away!

3. Inky Mortars shoot a special type of ink bombs that create big pudles of ink when they explode.


  • Inky Mortars take the place of Inky Turrets in de Blob 2 as the second most powerful INKT weapon because the cost to slam a turret was dropped from 50 to 25. The turrets are now ranked as the third.
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