Inky Turrets are a special type of weapon created by Comrade Black to destroy Blob. They remain stationary, fire ink blasts at Blob, and require 50 paint points to be destroyed.  They are the second most powerful INKT weapon and are only outranked by Inky Tanks.


Inky turrets are basically weaker versions of Inky tanks. They are planted into the ground. They are normally piloted by an Inky. They were created to stop Blob from returning color to Chroma City. They have the ability to shoot ink from a distance, adding more of a risk to the area.


The quickest and easiest way to destroy an Inky Turret is to have 50 paint points and then run behind it and slam it to destroy it. A slower way is to run towards it and slam it regardless of the amount of paint points you have, then quickly run away, get more paint points and slam it again, and repeat this process until destroyed. This, however, is risky because if Blob has less than 50 paint points when he slams the turret, he will be left with 0 paint points! If Blob gets hit by the Turret with 0 paint points he will die immideiately. This is only a good strategy if there are multiple paint bots nearby, as the turret's ink is capable of taking down blob with less than 30 paint points quite easily, so be warned. If you see a reticle appear on Blob keep moving to avoid being hit by ink.


  • An Inky turret is 8'0 ft, it weighs 1200lbs and can shoot ink in a 20 ft radius.
  • It is made from the same material as leechbots.
  • For some reason, Inky turrets only cost 25 paint points instead of 50 in de Blob 2.
    • Some turrets can also shoot fire in de Blob 2.
  • A modified version of the inky turret, known as an Inky Mortar , is introduced in de Blob 2.
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