An Inspration pick up

Inspiration is a light bulb shaped pick-up in de Blob 2. Blob can collect these and use them to upgrade himself. He can be upgraded so that he can carry more lives and shields, have more paint points (health) and decrease the amount of paint points it takes to charge through walls. Pinky can also be upgraded to have more paint points (although, unless there is a second player controlling Pinky, Inspiration shouldn't be wasted upgrading her). Also each Inspiration collected will also count towards the final score at the end of a level.

In the Xbox and Playstation versions collecting all of the Inspirations in the game will award the player with the 'Totally Inspired' Achievement/Trophy. Collecting all of them is also required to fully upgrade Blob and Pinky (except in easy mode) and earn the 'Maximum Blob' Achievement/Trophy.

The following list shows how much is in each level:

  1. Paradise Island: 40
  2. Downtown: 40
  3. Blanctown: 50
  4. The Senate: 50
  5. State College: 50
  6. Soda Falls: 50
  7. Hydrostation: 40
  8. House of Fun: 40
  9. Orbital Habitats: 50
  10. Railyards: 30
  11. Rocket Range: 30
  12. Hypno Ray: 10

Total: 480