Landmarks are a special type of structure found in de Blob corrupted by the Inkies. Landmarks are immune to paint and are occasionally protected by Inkies. The Prof has the ability to expose a landmark's weak spot in which Blob has to recover within a certain time with a specific color. Major landmarks will have two, three, or possibly more weak points in which Blob has to attack, making the challenge more difficult. There are several types of landmarks, which are listed below.

Types of LandmarksEdit

- Propaganda Tower: Require 30 paint points of a certain color to be recolored.

- INKT Police Station: Require need 50 paint points of a certain color to be recolored.

- Jail: Require 100 paint points of any color to be recolored. Frees several raydians..

- Water Station: Require 50 paint points to be recolored. Transforms ink into water upon recoloration, making it safe to cross, along with filling a part of the area that has little to no water with water.

- Major Landmarks: A kind of landmark that has up to three weak spots and often has an obstacle to overcome, such as a hot plate. All hazards are removed from the landmark once it is recolored.

-Tank station: Requires 100 paint to be recolored. A building that will produce only one tank when you get nearby, after the one tank has been destroyed, no more tanks will be built.