Ministry of Ink is the name of the major landmark and the name of level 9 of de Blob. It becomes the base of INKT during the events of the game. It's a heavily guarded place, full of INKY Turrets and Elite Inkies.


When The INKT corporation stole the color of Raydia Comrade Black made the Ministry his base of operations.


Within the first sector of the complex, there are 6 landmarks: 2 police stations (50 red and 50 yellow paint points) on each side of the parade ground, 2 jails at the back (1 on the left, 1 on the right), and a statue of Comrade Black at the parade ground (70 orange paint points).

The second sector involves a power station (60 purple paint points). However, the main objective in this sector is the Mega Reactor - the generator that powers the force - field around the Ministry. There are 3 water pumps surrounding the reactor: 50 green paint points, 50 blue points, and 50 yellow paint points.

Shutting down the reactor enables you to reach the third sector. This includes: 1 tank depot (100 purple points), 1 propaganda tower (30 blue points), and a police station (50 yellow points).

The fourth and final sector houses the Ministry of Ink, 1 watch tower (80 green points), and a water pump (50 green points).

Things to attackEdit

First Sector: 4 turrets (compulsory), 2 heavy inkies (near the color tank), 7 groups of elite inkies (21 in total) [optional].

Second sector: Outside the reactor - ~16 inkies. Reactor: 23 inkies, 6 heavy inkies.

Third Sector: 3 Inky Tanks, 1 turret, 19 inkies.

Fourth sector: ~ 18 turrets, 24 elite inkies, 30 inkies.


The place itself is a big building three-stories high. On the top of it there's a little ship where Comrade Black gives orders to his minions. He also uses it to flee to Lake Raydia when Blob recolors it. In the Ministry there are three weak points that need to be painted with 50 brown points each. One of them is protected by a flow of ink. To stop it Blob must recolor a nearby Waterpump. After Blob recolors it the Ministry turns into a giant DJ turn table and the Comrade leaves the place with his ship.