The Monster, also known as the Mutant Inky is a massive, mutated Inky who is a boss in the game de Blob 2.


The Monster was accidently created in the Inky Fabricator, where Graydians are forced to create new Inky soldiers. One Graydian was so fed up of being hit on the head by the batons of the newly-created Inkies, that the next one he created, he quickly moved it along the conveyor belt before it could hit him. The annoyed Inky threw its baton at the Graydian instead. The force of the baton hitting the Graydian caused him to fall over and the lever that he was still holding onto snapped off. The ink machine began to malfunction, randomly putting Inky eyes and helmets onto a large blob of ink. The Graydian eventually cut the power, but it was too late; the blob of ink came to life and made itself a pair of arms out of the conveyor belts. It immediately grabbed and presumably killed the Inky that was just made and then set its sights on the nearby Graydian. The unfortunate Graydian's fate is unknown, but it seems doubtful that he survived the attack.

The Color Underground eventually arrive at the Fabricator and notice the Inkies are fleeing. At first, Bif thinks their arrival is causing the Inkies to retreat, but then they notice that mortars are mysteriously shooting into the compound, Blob eventually spots the Monster attacking an Inky tank. It then picks up the tank and throws it at Blob, narrowly missing him. The Monster disappears.

When the Monster reappears later, Pinky tries to fight it by herself, despite Blob trying to warn her not to. Pinky is caught off-guard and the Monster hits her, knocking her out. Blob swears to get revenge. Blob then meets an Inky scientist, who tells Blob that the Monster has a fatal weakness to heat. This gives Blob a clue on how to beat it.

Whilst in the main buiding, the Professor tells Blob the reason why it is attacking other Inkies. It is because it is demented and confused on its purpose and what it is supposed to be. It is very likely it doesn't even know what race it is.

Blob finds the Monster in the furnace, attacking a lift with color energy attached to it. Blob gets the Monster's attention by rolling colored paths for it to follow onto hotplates. The hotplates burn and weaken the Monster. Eventually, the Monster gets stuck on one hotplate and this causes it to melt, bringing both its reign of terror and its confused, miserable existence to an end.


  • The Mutant Inky is the only Inky in the entire de Blob series to have more than one eye.
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