Pinky is a pink, flying female robot created by the Professor to act as a companion and side-kick for Blob as he fights the INKT Corporation. She also acts as Blob's guide through the games and also helps him out in certain situations.


de Blob 2 (DS)Edit

Pinky is first introduced in the DS version of de Blob 2 which is set before the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 version. When Blob is trapped inside Dr. Von Blot's laboratory the Professor makes contact to say he is sending his new invention “Pinky” to help Blob escape. When Blob is captured on a crane by Blot, Pinky flies through a wall and frees Blob. The duo team up to find out what Blot is up to.

de Blob 2 (Home Consoles)Edit

Pinky teams up with Blob again this time to help him find Comrade Black who has survived the explosion on his spaceship at the end of de Blob and is now trying to take over Prisma City. She regulary gives him mission objectives on each level. A second player can also take control of Pinky and help Blob out by shooting at enemies, colour in certain objects and other things. At one point she tries to take on the Ink Monster by herself despite Blob trying to warn her not to and ends up being knocked out by it. After Blob defeats the Monster, Pinky reveals that she is ok and that the Professor fixed her back up again. She joins Blob in a rocket into space when he goes after Comrade Black. After defeating Comrade Black, Blob is almost sucked into a black hole but Pinky gathers up all of her energy and saves him and the duo crash land back on Raydia.


  • Pinky resembles EVE from the movie WALL-E.
  • Pinky's gameplay in de Blob 2 is similar to the second player option in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
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