The Professor, also known as Prof for short, is an old, Brown-coloured Raydian and the leader of the Colour Underground. He is also an inventor. He created Pinky and the hovering device that he uses to get around, which he calls his 'Pants Engine'. He also invented the Transformation Engines that are used in the fight against the INKT Corporation.

Background Edit

de Blob Edit

In de Blob, Prof and other Underground members Bif, Zip and Arty evade capture from the Inkies after they take over Chroma City. Blob helps them as they attempt to take back the city. Prof gives Blob missions that require Blob to take back Landmarks from INKT by filling it with a certain amount of paint points that will revert the building back into its true, colourful appearance.

de Blob 2Edit

In this game, the Professor is the one who sends Blob and Pinky to investigate Paradise Island after it is reported that Comrade Black survived the explosion at the end of de Blob and crash landed there. Later in the game, Prof and the Colour Underground arrive in Prisma City to start a city uprising against Comrade Black after he rigs and wins the local election. The uprising starts with the help of the students at Comrade Black U. The Professor still gives mission objectives to Blob now and again but it's Pinky who gives most of the missions to Blob now. Prof and the Underground members are, at one point, captured by INKT and put on display in a freak show at the Prison Zoo. Prof is frozen in a block of ice and has his hover device stolen by Comrade Black. Blob frees them all but, without his device, Prof now relies on Bif to carry him around on his back in order to give Blob further mission objectives. Much later in the game, Blob faces Comrade Black who is in Prof's hover device. Comrade Black had discovered Prof installed a cannon to the underneath of the device and had converted it to shoot ink at Blob. After Comrade Black is defeated, Blob and Pinky crash land back in Prisma City. Blob has also somehow managed to get Prof's pants engine stuck on his head when they escaped the space station. The hover device is given back to the Professor.

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