The score system is a major gameplay part of any de Blob game[Proof needed for de Blob 2, de Blob 2 DS and the mobile game]. Points are earned by coloring objects, killing inklings, fulfilling tasks and collecting score power-ups. The collected points are needed to proceed in an area, because multiple gates at rising score checkpoints have to be opened to complete a level.

You get 10 points for coloring signs, grass, barrels, rocks, lampposts, sand banks, generally speaking miscellaneous items. You also get 10 points for changing the color of an already colored object.  You get 50 points for coloring trees and 100 points for coloring houses, containers, walls, fences, pipe arrays, and hulls of mechanical objects. 500 points are earned by repainting banners. A 1000 points are rewarded for collecting the score power-up.

Depending on the task you've completed, you also get points. Coloring in predetermined sets of buildings or objects multiplies the value of points given by the number of different colors used.

Points can also be lost, if a tank oder turret hits an already colored object, or if the Blob is poisened by ink and touches any colored entity.