Zip is a energetic, blue male Raydian and is a member of the Color Underground. He is an extreme sports maniac and is always seen wearing a pair of goggles and in-line skates.


de BlobEdit

In de Blob, Zip evades capture from the INKT Corporation along with the other Underground members Professor, Arty and Bif. He gives Blob mission objectives that involve racing from one part of a level to another. Along the way, Blob must hit all of markers that Zip gives and complete each mission under a certain time limit.

de Blob 2Edit

In de Blob 2, Zip is the first Color Underground member to arrive in Prisma City to help Blob. He first appears in Blanctown. Zip was sent by the Professor to investigate the mysterious Blancs. He just barely gets away. He later appears during the Comrade Black U level to help start the uprising against Comrade Black after he rigs and wins the local election. Zip does still give Blob mission objectives now and again, but most of the time it's Pinky who does this now. At one point, Zip is captured by INKT with the other Underground members and is put on display at the Prison Zoo. He is forced to constantly run in a giant hamster wheel. He is the second member to be rescued from there by Blob.

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